A fun day trip from Sibenik: Krka National Park Croatia


Are you traveling along the Croatian coast? And have you found yourself in the beautiful coastal city, Sibenik? Well, if that’s the case we have a fun day trip for you to add to your itinerary. You probably came for the beaches, the historical cities, and the Game of Thrones tours but this amazing day trip to Krka National Park Croatia will consist mostly of waterfalls – and you can expect a lot of them! So don’t forget your swim trunks and your camera!

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How to enjoy a day in Brno


Hello beautiful people! We’re back from Spain and enjoying our last month in Prague! Bring on spring and warm weather. A little fun fact for you too… We just celebrated our three year anniversary together!

So we decided to do a fun, spontaneous last minute trip somewhere. With only about 30 days remaining in this fascinating country we decided to go somewhere we both hadn’t been to; The city of Brno. And after spending only two days in this cool city we really wanted to share our favorite spots and things to do in Brno.

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48 Hours in Vienna: Everything You Need to Know on a Budget

Beautiful Belvedere Castle which you can find in Austria's Capital, Vienna

Okay, so maybe not everything you need to know, but we’ll cover everything you need to know if you’re in Vienna on a budget for a few days.

Along with the must-sees and must-dos we will also give tips about a few not so touristy places, because who doesn’t love hidden gems and budget travel? If you’re a nerd for history or love architecture you could get lost in this city for days, but if you’re just going for a few days, here are our best recommendations for you while still sticking to a budget!

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