Over the years, we’ve been on Working Holiday Visas in 5 different countries combined: Australia, New Zealand, Denmark, the Czech Republic and Canada! So we know a thing or two about what it’s like being on those visas and what is needed.

One of the most important things you want to make sure you’ve got sorted before you embark on your working holiday visa is to have proper insurance!

Some countries straight up require that you have full insurance for the entire duration of your stay while others are a bit less strict with it.

Either way, we highly suggest you have a travel insurance that covers you (including when you work!) because, at the end of the day, it’s about your personal health and safety as well as your finances in case *knock on wood* something were to happen to you during your time abroad.

In this post, we dive into what we think is the best travel insurance for a working holiday visa – why it’s good, what’s covered, how much it costs, and much more.

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Why SafetyWing travel insurance for a working holiday

We know looking for insurance can be quite painful (mentally at least) and we’ve personally spent hours and hours researching and reading through different policies.

It really feels like a hassle to find the best-priced, most convenient, and best rated option. But it has to be done!

After travelling for the past 8 years doing working holiday visas in Australia, New Zealand, Canada, the Czech Republic, and Denmark (and now working remotely as digital nomads) we’ve done our fair share of research on travel insurance.

And what we’ve found to be the best insurance is SafetyWing.

SafetyWing is affordable, easy to get, and covers you pretty much anywhere no matter where you’re from or where you’re going!

It can all be done online and the customer service is awesome and responsive which is probably the most important thing when looking for the right company.

As with any insurance, there are a few restrictions and limitations of the insurance but before signing up for SafetyWing (their “nomad insurance”), you can send them a message in the chat to confirm that they cover exactly what you need.

They normally get back to you within a few minutes and you can ask clarifying questions if you have to!

What is the price of SafetyWing travel insurance?

One of the first things you’d probably want to know about your insurance is how much it’s going to cost, right?

Like with most insurances, the price goes up depending on your age but if you’re on a working holiday visa, you’re likely in your 20s or early 30s.

In that case, the starting cost for the insurance is $56.28 for 4 weeks. That is $2.01 a day!

If you want any additional coverage such as for extreme sports and electronic theft, there are also add ons available. But the base price is $56.28 per 4 weeks which comes out to $733.65 a year.

Please note that some countries require for you to have the insurance fully paid for the entire duration of your stay on your working holiday visa.

When Jo did hers in Canada, her insurance had to be paid for a full year and it had to be valid from before she entered the country.

If that is the same case for your visa, all you have to do is toggle on the “I want to pay up front for a trip with an end date” option when you sign up (the insurance can be cancelled and refunded at any time).

Are you eligible for travel insurance? 

Let’s just keep this brief because it’s quite simple…

If you’re doing a working holiday visa, you will be eligible for travel insurance. SafetyWing covers every single country you can do a working holiday in so it’s that simple.

“But doesn’t the insurance depend on which country I am from?”

Yes, it does. But the only country SafetyWing doesn’t cover is if you’re from Cuba.

You can double-check your eligibility on their website. Just input the country you’re from and the country you’re going to on a working holiday visa.

Check to see if you’re eligible for SafetyWing travel insurance

Ready to purchase working holiday travel insurance?

So if you’re eligible (which you should be), if the insurance covers the country you’re going to (also should), and if you’re happy with the price, then you’re good to book the travel insurance.

If you already have your flights booked and know which day you’re starting your journey, you can select the date for when you want your insurance to start – and then set it for however long you think you will be gone for.

As we said before, make sure you check your visa requirements. A lot of working holiday visas require that you have insurance for the full duration of your visa.

If you end up going home earlier or want to extend your trip onto another visa or country, you can make adjustments as you go.

SafetyWing’s insurance is super easy to get, easy to cancel, and just way more convenient than dealing with some of these old-school travel insurances. We especially love the option to chat with them whenever we have questions!

Other questions about travel insurance for working holiday

Travel insurance is one of those things that can easily get quite overwhelming because there are so many things you need to keep track of including what is covered and then factoring into that how much it costs.

It’s something you don’t really want to deal with but have to.

We’ve listed out some of the frequent questions below and hopefully, they’ll help give you the answers you need. If not, you can always leave a comment below or DM us on Instagram @redwhiteadventures!

What is covered by the travel insurance?

Probably the most important question to ask is “What is covered by my travel insurance?”

Every insurance is going to be different so it can sometimes be a bit of a jungle to navigate (which is why the live-chat option on SafetyWing’s website is so good).

SafetyWings nomad insurance provides coverage for unexpected illness or injuries, including eligible expenses for hospital, doctor or prescription drugs.

It provides this coverage for you while you’re travelling outside of your home country (perfect for a working holiday visa).

In addition, it provides emergency travel-related benefits such as evacuation from local unrest, unplanned overnight stays, and lost checked luggage.

It does not cover routine checkups and preventative care.

Also read: World Nomads vs SafetyWing: Which Nomad Health & Travel Insurances Is Best?

How long is my coverage good for?

You can sign up for automatic travel insurance extensions every 4 weeks until you cancel or for a maximum of 364 days – like a subscription.

If you’re going on a working holiday visa, make sure to check if you need to get a full year’s insurance before entering the country you’re moving to!

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Recap of finding travel insurance for working holiday 

We hope this post helped answer all the questions you may have about finding the right insurance for your working holiday experience!

If you are ready to sign up for SafetyWing or want to learn more, you can click here!

And if you have more questions please comment below or send us a DM on Instagram. We know trying to find travel insurance for your working holiday is challenging, so we’re happy to try to help you out!

That’s why we created this post and why we recommend SafetyWing. It’s a simple process. You know exactly what to expect, the customer service is great, and the price is pretty affordable for what you get.

Travel insurance is one thing we wouldn’t cheap out on because the moment you need it you’ll be grateful you signed up with a good one!

We hope you have the best time on your working holiday visa whether you’re going to Canada, Australia, New Zealand, or wherever!

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