The Czech Republic is well-known for its beautiful nature and hiking, like Snezka Mountain and Bohemian Switzerland. With beautiful nature also comes beautiful places to stay. That’s exactly what TwoFingers Glamping is all about. This is a stunning, quiet little getaway in the Czech countryside. Away from all the hustle and rush of busy everyday life. 

After just a few days of relaxing and hanging out at the cabins, we felt so refreshed. Our days were spent enjoying the delicious breakfast that was brought to us every morning. While drinking lots of coffee by the fire, reading books, going for long walks in nature and hanging out watching the stars from inside the sauna!

It almost sounds too good to be true but this is the reality of glamping at TwoFingers. The best part is that no matter the weather, the experience here is going to be so cozy because of the way all the cabins are set up! 

Whether you live in Prague and are looking to get out of the city for the weekend or if you’re just a traveller passing through the Czech Republic this is one of the coolest glamping experiences you can do in the country. 

We’re so excited to share a little taste of what it’s like to spend a few days at TwoFingers!

Disclosure: This post has been created in collaboration with TwoFingers. All reviews and opinions expressed in this post are based on our personal opinions and experiences.

Why you should stay at TwoFingers Glamping 

One of the trailer cabins at TwoFingers

TwoFingers Cabins outside of Jaromer aren’t just any cabins in the woods — they are a full-on glamping experience. From the interior decor to the food you get every morning, this is some of the most luxurious “camping” we’ve ever tried.

At TwoFingers, you’ll find yourself immersed in nature with a few cabins around you. You’ll have an outdoor fireplace and the most beautiful sauna that can be used by all cabin guests. It’s the perfect place to reconnect, relax, and enjoy being somewhere quiet and simple. 

We stayed in two out of their nine cabins and both of them were so cozy. To us, this is the perfect place to reconnect with nature and each other. And although there are nine cabins, they are not all visible from your stay. Depending on which cabin you pick, you might not even see any of the other cabins or guests during your stay.

Besides ducks walking around and the odd apple falling from a tree, there isn’t much going on but everything is just so cozy and simple. It’s a place where you just want to wrap yourself up in a blanket for hours with a cup of hot chocolate, a good book, and good company and just enjoy being present in the moment.

TwoFingers Cabins

Two of the cottages on the meadow at TwoFingers

There is quite a variety of cabins at TwoFingers and you have a total of nine to pick from! They have cottage cabins, trailer cabins, and treehouse cabins. All nine cabins come in different shapes, sizes, features, and prices so, hopefully, there’s one that fits exactly what you’re looking for.

As we mentioned before, we stayed at two of their cabins for 2 nights each and both were great. The one we stayed in was up on the fields and has a private sauna and it was absolutely amazing! The other cabin we stayed in was down by the creek. It had an outhouse and an outdoor shower and was close to the public sauna.

You really can’t go wrong with your cabin choice as TwoFingers — you just need to find the one that best fits your needs and budget!

TwoFingers Cottages

The ‘cottages’ are actually one of the cabins we stayed at for a few nights. To be specific we stayed in Cottage Rod the furthest one up the meadow by the forest and it was just so cozy.

All four of the cottages have a similar yet unique style that is very minimalistic with a homey twist and it’s absolutely perfect for a little getaway.

Whether you want to hang out on the bed, next to the inside fireplace, or outside on the patio, there’s room to relax and enjoy being out in nature surrounded by beautiful fields and forests.

All four cottages have access to a sauna that all TwoFingers guests can use but Cottage Rod actually has a private sauna right next to the cabin. 

We spent both evenings there relaxing, taking in the views, and admiring all the stars in the sky. The big dipper was perfectly visible each night and it was so cool. You really feel like you’re hours away from civilization because of how peaceful and quiet it is up in the meadow. (There’s also very little wifi + reception at this cabin so you really feel disconnected from it all but in a good way).

All you can see is the lights from the three other cottages and it’s so hygge. Just wait until you wake up in the morning to the delicious spread of food that’s waiting for you at your door. HEAVEN!

TwoFingers Trailers 

Maringotka Pomněnka cabin

There are only two cabin ‘trailers’ and we stayed in the one called Forget-Me-Not (Maringotka Pomněnka in Czech) for a few nights. It was a very different but equally amazing experience as the cottages. We’re still trying to figure out which of the two we prefer!

Inside Forget-Me-Not you have so much room and it feels like you don’t even need to go outside (other than to use the outhouse and the outdoor shower). You have a comfy bed you can lay in for hours and then you have the window seat where you can get lost for days reading a book.

One thing we loved about this trailer was that when we fell asleep, we could actually lay in bed and look at the stars through the window behind us. And when the sun rose, we watched that too. It was so beautiful and perfect for a little romantic getaway!

From the outside, you probably wouldn’t believe it but there’s actually so much space in this trailer. You also have a little pond/creek right outside your window where, more often than not, you will see ducks swimming around enjoying themselves. 

Forget-Me-Not is a little bit more in the trees and less in the open than the cottages. You get less sunlight but you also have more privacy and it has a totally different mood to it.

One of the days we spent in this cabin trailer it had been raining like crazy and we just cozied up, made a fire, had warm tea, did a bit of work (this one has good wifi) and read our books for hours on end. It was incredible!!

Mix that in with the public sauna which is only a minute walk from the cabin trailer and you have yourself the perfect day!

Treehouse Cabins at TwoFingers 

The treehouse cabins is the only type of cabin we didn’t stay in…YET. There are three of them located around the edge of the meadows right where the forest starts. From the outside, these cabins almost look like a mix of a hunting tree stand and a treehouse. From the inside, they have the same minimalistic and cozy approach as the other cabins.

The design is so cool and one that you see more and more when you glamp around the world. We think TwoFingers has done an amazing job with them. They’re cozy and fun but also have that *glam* to them.

The treehouse cabins are perfect for some quiet time where you’re surrounded by forest, animals, and beautiful scenery.

Add in the breakfasts every morning + the wonderful sauna and you have yourself the perfect few days in paradise!

Highlights of our stay at TwoFingers 

The location

The location can make or break a glamping experience. At TwoFingers, the location makes it! Located almost in the center of the country right on the edge of this tiny little village that no one knows about are all these stunning cabins.

A few are right in the open on a beautiful meadow, a few cabins are tucked away in the trees, and then a few trailer cabins are located perfectly next to the creek/the little ponds.

It’s so peaceful and relaxing that you completely forget where you are. Glamping here is a great way to just unwind and enjoy being out in nature enjoying the company of the person you come with. 

The delicious food

Every morning you’ll wake up to a basket outside your door with an awesome spread of food for breakfast. You’ll get a variety of bread, eggs, fruit, veggies, spreads and even a little treat! You can either enjoy it by the fire inside with a nice cup of coffee or go sit on the patio and enjoy breakfast outside if the weather allows! 

Since the cabins are quite isolated and not near anything, TwoFingers offer a wide range of different Czech meals you can pre-order for lunch and dinner. They come pre-made and all you have to do is warm them up in your kitchen. We tried a few of the meals and they were equally delicious. You can never go wrong with a goulash! 😉

The Saunas

We tried out both saunas at TwoFingers. One which was the public one for all TwoFingers guests and then the private one connected to the Cottage Rod. 

The public sauna for all guests is really nice and I (Dom) absolutely loved the water bucket outside where you can dunk water on yourself whenever you come out of the sauna. 

I don’t remember how hot it got but it was probably the hottest sauna I’ve ever been to in my life. It was so nice!! It also meant we could only last a few minutes at a time inside before going outside for a cold shower or water bucket dunk.

The private sauna for Cottage Rod is also magical because it’s right at the edge of the upper meadow and completely private. In this sauna, you actually have to start the fire yourself and warm it up. There’s also a little cold water tub outside that you can cool down with. 

Lastly, because there isn’t much other light around the saunas you can really see space and the stars. As we mentioned before, during our stay at TwoFingers we could perfectly see the Big Dipper which was really cool! 

Other related questions about TwoFingers Glamping

Is it easy to get to TwoFingers from Prague?

If you have a car then it’s really easy to get to TwoFingers from Prague. By car, you can get to TwoFingers in under 1.5 hours. You can follow the directions from Prague to TwoFingers here.

There’s also a way to get there by public transport (which is what we did) but it takes a little bit longer than by car. 

What we did was take a train from Prague to Jaromer and then the bus from the Jaromer train station to Krabcice which is a 4-5 minute walk from TwoFingers.

Another option is to take this bus from Prague to Dolany which is the next town over and walk roughly 15 minutes to TwoFingers.

Do they speak English at TwoFingers?

The staff members at TwoFingers have a basic knowledge of English and you should be able to communicate with them if you have any questions. If you can’t find a staff member or you’re struggling a bit to communicate you can always email TwoFingers and they will be able to help you out. We had no problems with this though!

Are there any discounts for TwoFingers cabins?

Sometimes you can get lucky and find some last-minute discounts if people cancel their stays. But if you want to book ahead of time, they have been so kind as to give a discount to our readers. The discount code is “RWA_TF_15” and it will save you 15% when you book a cabin.

Check out their cabins and book your stay here.

Is there anything to do near TwoFingers?

If you have a car, one of the cool things near TwoFingers you can do is visit Teplice Rocks National Park also known as Adršpach-Teplice Rocks. It’s a beautiful area with lots of cool rock formations and we can highly recommend visiting if you feel like exploring a bit and maybe doing some hiking.

Another option is to go into Jaromer and see the city. We personally didn’t think there was much to do there but they have some great food places and cafes. This is also where you can buy groceries if you feel like cooking yourself at the cabins.

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Recap of our glamping experience at TwoFingers 

Our stay at TwoFingers was amazing from the moment we got there until we left! It’s the perfect place to relax and just enjoy a few days in nature, and try out the whole glamping experience which is becoming so popular in the Czech Republic (and the rest of the world for that matter).

For being a country that isn’t internationally known for its iconic mountains or famous lakes, the Czech Republic still has a beautiful countryside. Staying at TwoFingers is a prime example of how stunning the Czech countryside is.

We had such a great experience and we hope you will too! Whatever time of year you go, we’re sure you will have a fun and unique stay. And don’t forget to claim your 15% off (with the code: RWA_TF_15).

If you end up staying in one of the cabins or have questions about them, we’d love to hear from you. Feel free to DM us on Instagram or leave a comment below and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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