Welcome to the world of coworking spaces! No more cubicles and offices with absolutely no energy. It’s time for innovation and a more exciting workplace atmosphere. That’s why we’re going to talk about the benefits of coworking spaces and why we always choose to work from them wherever we go. 

I mean who doesn’t like working in an environment with like-minded people, creative spaces, and opportunities to network? Jo and I find that our productivity skyrockets when we get out of the house and go work at a cafe or a coworking space. There are honestly so many benefits and we just want to elaborate on lots of them and share our personal experiences.

Let’s dive in!

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7 awesome benefits of coworking spaces

Less distractions & increased motivation

Let’s be honest… Whenever you work from home there are plenty of distractions. There’s always food to eat, chores to do, and usually something else on your mind.

Well, it’s the total opposite when you work from a coworking space. The moment you get there you see other people in the zone focused on their work. The moment we see that it makes us want to focus up and get work done as well. It’s a great motivator.

Going to coworking spaces is nice because you’re in a public space with other professionals or entrepreneurs who are working on their online businesses or for clients. For us, it makes us forget about everything else and we just want to get work done.

The month we spent at Coworking Bansko in Bulgaria we got so much work done because of the fact we had very few distractions. Every day we’d walk to the coworking space, get work done, chat a bit with people, and then go about the rest of our day. Totally in the zone the whole workday without silly distractions.

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Community and meeting people

It’s not always easy to meet people if you’re working remotely. Especially if you’re new to a city and don’t have too many connections. Well, thankfully, one of the many benefits of coworking spaces is the fact that lots of people are looking for the same thing as you: Community.

One thing we look for when scouting new digital nomad locations is the coworking spaces and how the community is in the community. If the coworking space is successful and does a good job then they definitely focus on community. You can always tell because the people who work in the coworking spaces will generally seem happier and friendlier. 

People like to have the opportunity to meet and chat with new people. Make sure to make the most of your coworking experience and join activities and social events to meet new and like-minded people.

Saves you money

This may be different for everyone but in general, we find we end up saving money paying for coworking memberships rather than working from cafes and always buying coffees and lunch at cafes.

Of course, if you work from home this doesn’t really benefit you. The nice thing about coworking spaces is they often have a designated kitchen room where you can bring and warm up your food. 

If you bring your own food, you end up saving both time and money because you don’t always have to go out and find a place to eat. Although it is nice to go out every once in a while to grab some food and be social with the other coworkers. We usually try to do that once a week.

On the topic of saving money… Most coworking spaces will always have some sort of free trial. So ask for that before deciding if you want to pay for a full month or not. Sometimes even if you’re a couple you can get a discount on the second person. It never hurts to ask!

Work from multiple locations

Depending on which coworking space you sign up for, the coworking space might have multiple locations. Some of the coworking spaces in Prague that we checked out have multiple locations in the city. I mean it’s easy to switch it up and work at different locations for no additional price. 

When we worked at Coworking Bansko in Bulgaria we loved the fact that they have three different locations. All with totally different vibes. Looking for a chill vibe? Then go to the lounge. Looking for a more quiet and serious place to work from? Then go to the quiet area.

It’s definitely one of the many benefits of coworking spaces we appreciate. There’s a place for everyone to work.

High speed internet

Nowadays it’s almost a given, but good coworking spaces will always have fast and reliable internet. Have you ever been to a cafe and you can’t connect to the wifi or it keeps disconnecting? It gets annoying. Don’t get me wrong, Jo and I love working at cafes but unless you go to one often and know it’s good the internet can be hit or miss. 

It’s a simple thing but the fact that you can always count on having reliable internet is such a nice luxury. And really important when you work online.

It’s essential for coworking spaces to have good internet to make their customers happy. This is one thing you can always count on at a coworking space!

One thing you can do to test how good the internet is is to try the coworking space for free for a day. Use Speedtest while you’re there to test the wifi. Make sure to do the test during the busiest time to see how good it really is.

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Networking opportunities

Networking in our opinion is one of the best benefits of coworking spaces. In life sometimes it’s about who you know. The same thing is true for digital nomads and remote workers.

Maybe you need an extra project to make a bit of extra money? Maybe somebody at the coworking space is looking to hire somebody! Depending on the coworking space, there may even be a page that shows all the services the current members offer. Something simple like that will allow you to connect with somebody and network with them. 

As long as you’re willing to reach out to people and talk with them, the networking possibilities at coworking spaces are endless. It’s one of the parts we love about travelling around and visiting different coworking spaces around the world. You’re always in for a nice surprise when it comes to how you can connect with someone and bounce ideas off each other. It’s something you won’t get just working at home all the time.

Fun Events

Coworking spaces are not just for work! One of the nice things about coworking spaces is the events that are held in the evenings and on weekends. For example at Coffice in Prague, Martin (the owner) always has some sort of live events taking place such as live music nights, presentations, digital nomad meetups, and other fun events to bring the members of the coworking space together. 

When picking what sort of coworking space to work at, check out how many events they have going on. For example, Networking Spaces in Bulgaria does an amazing job with hosting events almost every single night and that’s why the company is growing and building coworking spaces all around the country. 

The more events and things there is to do for members, the more the coworking space will attract digital nomads and remote workers. Who wouldn’t want to work at a coworking space where they take just as much pride in having fun as in their business?

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Recap on why you should try out a coworking space near you

Everybody’s going to have different reasons. Maybe you need a more creative space. Maybe you’re looking to meet some like-minded people. There are so many benefits to coworking spaces you need to just go try one out.

Remember to ask for a free day trial first and feel out the vibe. Do some research in some Facebook groups in the city you’re in. You can even check out Coworker to see all the different coworking spaces near you.

Cities are really starting to make way for this next wave of remote workers and digital nomads. Prague for example has a quite a few options when it comes to coworking spaces. The same goes for a lot of other big cities!

Give it a shot and see how you like it. We’d love to hear your experience and maybe if you have a favourite coworking space that you want to share with us then let us know in the comments below!

Have fun!

Dom & Jo
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