Prague has always been known as a city that has great beer, beautiful architecture, and an all-around fun time. All of that is still very true but now Prague is also becoming a popular place for digital nomads and remote workers. It’s not that surprising anymore that there’s a bunch of awesome coworking spaces in Prague.

It seems like more and more coworking spaces keep popping up all over the city. Some in Old Town Prague, some in the new hippy area of Karlin, and of course there’s a few great coworking spaces in our favourite neighbourhood, Vinohrady. 

In this post, we’ll talk about why we recommend working at coworking offices along with some of our favourite places to cowork at in Prague. In case you’re looking for somewhere to go just for a day you can also check out some of the best cafes in Prague to work at.

We’re super excited to share these places with you because we think Prague one day will be on the top of a lot of people’s list of favourite digital nomad cities around the world. Prague has so much to offer and with all these great coworking spaces popping up, the city will become even more appealing to A LOT of people.

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6 of our favourite places to cowork in Prague

Coworking spaces in Prague have started to pop up at a fast pace, and we’re here for it!

We’ve been living in Prague for a while and have had the opportunity to check out some of the best coworking spaces in the city. So the least we can do is share the information we’ve gained with you so you can choose which coworking space best fits your needs.

No matter if you’re looking for the most affordable price, community, location, or whatever, we’re sure you’ll find a place where you enjoy working.

Why work from a coworking space?

There are many benefits of coworking spaces and that’s why we love working from one, instead of from home. It’s why we highly recommend it to other digital nomads and entrepreneurs alike.

  • Increased productivity! As soon as you leave your house you forget about all the distractions in your home.
  • Creativity! Working in a new place and environment can really bring out creativity.
  • Community! One of our top reasons is the community aspect of shares workplaces.
  • Networking! There’s always networking events going on at coworking spaces.
  • Coffee! Never hurts to have easy access to coffee wherever you work! 😉

Coworking at Cafedu

Coworking price per month: $60 / 1299 CZK 

Yes, a coffee shop is one of our favourite coworking spaces in Prague. From the moment you walk into Cafedu, you feel the energy of the cafe. The staff is friendly, the coffee is amazing, and all their food and sweets are so tasty. 

The best part about coworking at Cafedu is the fact that you can either buy a drink or some food and sit and work inside the cafe or you can buy a membership pass and sit in the private area.

If you just want to try it out, then working from the cafe is a great option. Most people are usually studying, working, or getting stuff done on their laptops so it’s not weird at all if you do the same.

If you like the place, you can buy a monthly membership and use the designated coworking area which is connected to the cafe but only for coworking members. This area is a bit quieter and better for productivity. If you’re looking to get work done and want to come every day then this is where you get the most bank for your buck.

Bonus: By being a coworking member at Cafedu you can use the private space whenever you want because it’s open 24/7. You can also go down to the cafe if you want to meet up with a friend, have an in-person meeting, or just chat with some people. 

Cafedu is located next to the Museum metro stop and right above Wenceslas Square. It’s very centrally located and easy to get to by public transport.

Check out the Cafe Du coworking price list here.

Coworking at Coffice Prague

Picture of Coffice coworking space in Prague.

Coworking price per month: $160 / 3500 CZK 

We have so many good things to say about this shared workspace in Prague. Martin and his wife, Veronika, are the friendly owners of Coffice in Prague. They always welcome you with a smile and are always down for a little chat with you. 

Coffice is a bit more of a quiet coworking space but the number of members is slowly growing along with the community that comes to the weekly events. You will have plenty of room to work in their chilled-out coworking space and the place offers great playlists, yummy (unlimited) coffee & tea, and friendly vibes. 

One of the best parts about Coffice is that Martin always tries to host events a few times a week. They host anything from digital nomad meet-ups to language exchanges to live music on Fridays. Sometimes there are also skillshare presentations and if you’re interested in hosting one of these events yourself, Martin or Veronika will be more than happy to hear your ideas.

Coffice is super close to the Namesti Miru metro stop and conveniently located in Vinohrady close to everything. 

Check out the Coffice Prague price list here.

Coworking at WorkLounge Karlin

Coworking price per month: $180 / 4000 CZK 

If you’re looking for a shared workspace in Prague that is professional and friendly then this is it. WorkLounge offers a wide variety of memberships from standard hot desk memberships to private offices.

The facility is well equipped and well decorated to make you feel excited to come to work every day. The staff is super friendly and accommodating. The people that work remotely from WorkLounge are always down to grab lunch or a beer after work. In case you didn’t know, some of the best places to eat in Prague are actually right in Karlin. You’re not far from some VERY delicious restaurants! 😉

There’s definitely a bunch of perks to working in Karlin and this coworking space in specific. If you want to work and hang out in the hip part of town then you’re in the right place.

Check out the WorkLounge Karlin price list here.

Coworking at Spaces Albatros in Prague

Photo of the coworking space at Albatros in Prague

Coworking price per month: $175 / 3860 CZK 

Do you prefer to work somewhere more bougie? The Spaces Albatros location in Prague is Spaces’ fanciest and most modern location. Spaces Albatros sits on the boundary between Old Town and New Town Prague on one of the most famous and important streets in Prague. 

Let’s dive more into the actual coworking space though… Albatros has everything you need from super-fast wifi to stylish furniture. It’s a great place to meet other remote workers. If you’re looking to make like-minded friends or just looking to network then there’s plenty of opportunities for you at Albatros. 

One of the perks of coworking at Spaces is that you can use your membership at the other locations in Prague as well. There are 4 different Spaces coworking offices in Prague. Try a few out and see which one you like best. 

For us though, Albatros really sticks out because of its location. It’s so central and easy to get to by metro and tram. So try out this bougie coworking space and remember most coworking spaces always offer a one-day free trial so you can feel it out. 

Check out the Spaces Prague Albatros price list.

Coworking at WorkLounge Diamant

Coworking price per month: $205 / 4500 CZK 

Looking for a modern office space in the historic part of Prague? Right on Wenceslas Square is the second WorkLounge we’re going to mention in this post. The beauty of this location is how central it is: Right in the heart of Prague above the Mustek metro station. 

It’s a great place to work, get stuff done, and then go out for food or drinks with other digital nomads and remote workers. There’s an abundance of things to do right outside the front doors of the Diamant location.

One of the nice things about having a monthly WorkLounge membership is that you can access the other locations as well (that includes the WorkLounge Karlin we mentioned above).

So if you want to be in the center and close to everything maybe try out this location. But if you want to be in a more hip part of town then the Karlin location might be the better option. Check out both and see which one you prefer!

Check out the WorkLounge Diamant price list here.

Coworking at Impact Hub K10

Picture of a man walking around at Coworking Impact Hub K10 in Prague.

Coworking price per month: $225 / 4890 CZK 

Impact Hub K10 is located in the beautiful neighbourhood of Vinohrady right next to the park, Havlickovy Sady. The coworking space is inside this beautiful, big villa, and has a large private garden.

One thing we love about Impact Hub K10 is the fact that you have access to a big garden, so on a warm day, you can sit and work outside. They even have outlets available outside.

Impact Hub has a self-serve kitchen from where you can grab, coffee, tea, snacks, the soup of the day, or a sandwich if you fancy it. Just leave your cash in the money box.

If you get an unlimited membership, you also get partner deals which include discounts on services and different business tools.

Check out the Impact Hub K10 price list here.

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Recap on coworking in Prague

So there you have it! 6 awesome places to cowork at in Prague. There are quite a few other shared workspaces but we really want to focus on the ones that we think really bring coworking to life. 

It’s nice being able to go somewhere where there’s a community, events, and other social gatherings. Especially as a digital nomad or remote worker, it can be hard to meet and connect with like-minded people if you only work from home.

That’s where these coworking spaces really stand out to us. They all focus on you and make sure you enjoy yourself while working there. We absolutely love Prague and it’s such a fun city to live in as an expat, digital nomad, or remote worker. Whatever you wanna call yourself.

If you have any questions about Prague or any of these coworking spaces then feel free to DM us on Instagram. Or you can simply just leave a message down in the comments.

Have fun!

Dom & Jo
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