There’s a reason we chose to move back to Prague! We love the city and all the different weekend trips from Prague you can do. We love exploring and travelling to new places big and small, so the fact that Prague is in the heart of Europe is one of the many reasons why we love having this city as a base.

It’s so easy to go by plane, bus, or train to tons of different weekend trips from Prague. We’ve done so many of them, in and out of the country. So now we’re going to hype up Prague even more and share with you a bunch of epic weekend trips to do from Prague!

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If you’re into hiking, then it might be worth checking out the tallest mountain in the Czech Republic. If you’re more of a city-traveller, spending 48 hours in Vienna might be the best option for you. 

There are so many awesome options so hopefully our list will help narrow it down for you and help you choose the one that fits best for what you’re looking for out of a weekend trip. Essentially your options are limitless where you could go for a weekend – especially in Prague where trains, busses, and planes can get you to most countries in Europe quite quickly.

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Here are 11 epic weekend trips from Prague

In this post, we’re sticking to some local places right in the Czech Republic and other destinations in neighbouring countries that aren’t too far away from Prague.

We love to take trains around the country and to other countries because of the convenience and comfort factor. So most of these trips are doable by train. Otherwise, you can go by bus since it may be cheaper, or by a short flight!

Down below you’ll be able to find how to get there and the time it takes to get to each destination. We also include the price for the transportation there.

Have the best time exploring all of these unique and beautiful cities, nationals parks, and much more!

#1 Weekend trip to the fairytale town of Cesky Krumlov

Cesky Krumlov in the Czech Republic.

Distance/time from Prague: 180 km and 2:45 hours away
Best way to get there: Bus is the quickest and cheapest
Price: Roughly $7-9 / 140-185 CZK each way
Where to stay: Apartment by the castle

If you’re looking for a weekend trip in the Czech Republic that’s not too far from Prague then Cesky Krumlov is worth visiting. It’s a beautiful fairytale town in the southern Czech Republic. It’s famous for its gothic-styled castle and the famous Vltava River flowing through the town. 

There are so many great view points and pretty places around the city that you need to spend a weekend in Krumlov. And did we mention that the historic centre of Cesky Krumlov is a UNESCO World Heritage Site?

Enjoy all the panoramic views of the city and the cute shops around the old town. Here you can find an awesome guide of a bunch of different things to do in Cesky Krumlov.

Things to do in Cesky Krumlov:

  • Cesky Krumlov Castle
  • Hiking up Mt Klet
  • Visit all the unusual museums in town
  • Explore the old town 
  • Have lunch on the Vltava 
  • Take some cool pictures with the awesome panoramic views 

#2 Weekend trip to Austria’s capital Vienna

Beautiful Belvedere Castle which you can find in Austria's Capital, Vienna

Distance/time from Prague: 400 km and 4 hours away
Best way to get there: Train is the best option
Price: Roughly $15-25 / 300-500 CZK each way
Where to stay: Hotel Mocca in downtown Vienna

Yes, you can go to Vienna for the weekend! If you have 48 hours then you can explore a bunch of Vienna in a weekend. Like we said, being in the center of Europe you can travel to these different countries in just a few hours and explore different cities for a weekend. 

It’s always fun experiencing a new place for a few days. The food, culture, and architecture is quite different from Prague too so you’ll feel in a completely different place even though it’s only four hours away from Prague.

There’s so much to do and see and if you’re looking for a cool little hidden gem to eat at you can find more in this post about Vienna. Here you can find the best ways to get from Prague to Vienna.

Things to do in Vienna:

  • Explore the grounds of Belvedere Castle 
  • Walk around the beautiful gardens in the Schonbrunn Palace
  • Check out the gothic Stephansdom castle
  • Hundertwasserhaus is something you just have to see
  • Explore the old town and town hall
  • Have a bite to eat at the unique Der Wiener Deewan

#3 Weekend trip to Czech’s tallest mountain in Pec Pod Snezkou 

Hiking Snezka the tallest mountain in the Czech Republic.

Distance/time from Prague: 200 km and 3 hours away
Best way to get there: Bus is the best option
Price: Roughly $10 / 200 CZK each way
Where to stay: Pension Certice

Snezka Mountain near Pec Pod Snezkou is a fantastic weekend trip from Prague if you’re looking to spend some time outdoors in the mountains.

The Krkonose National Park is incredible and even has the tallest mountain in the Czech Republic. It’s a great place to just go and enjoy some peace and quiet that you don’t get living in the big city. 

There are tons of awesome and fun hikes to do in Pec Pod Snezkou. It’s one of the best places for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers alike. Besides spending time outdoors there are plenty of other fun activities to do. 

Things to do in Pec Pod Snezkou:

• Hike the tallest mountain in Czech Republic
• Ride the wild bobsled track
• Go skiing in the winter
• Walk around town and check out the local shops 
• Enjoy a nice meal in the center of town 
• Relax at a wellness spa

#4 Weekend trip from Prague to the High Tatras in Slovakia

Photo of the High Tatras in Slovakia.

Distance/time from Prague: 600 km and 7 hours away
Best way to get there: We recommend taking the train
Price: Roughly $13-24 / 268-489 CZK each way
Where to stay: The House Apartment in Poprad

This was hands down one of our favorite weekend trips from Prague. Exploring the High Tatras was amazing. There are so many wonderful hikes in the area that we stayed in. It’s crazy thinking you can go to the High Tatras from Prague in just a weekend but it’s absolutely doable.

We recommend doing this trip on a long weekend when you have a Friday or Monday off to give yourself that extra day. We spent three nights in Poprad next to the High Tatras and got so much hiking and exploring that we found the trip absolutely worth it!

There’s a train that goes directly from Prague to Poprad and there are even options of overnight trains to maximise your weekend if you want to do it that way. Enjoy the beautiful Slovakian mountains.

Things to do in the High Tatras:

#5 Weekend trip from Prague to Brno

Jo on a weekend trip from Prague to Brno.

Distance/time from Prague: 250 km and 2.5 hours by train
Best way to get there: Train is definitely the best option
Price: Roughly $5-10 / 108-205 CZK each way
Where to stay: ADC Design Apartment in Brno

Brno is the second biggest city in the Czech Republic and also one of the most beautiful. Brno is known for being a student city with a fantastic vibe. There are tons of cute coffee shops, bakeries, and markets around the city.

It’s great that Brno is only a few hours away from Prague by train. It’s a convenient little weekend getaway inside the Czech Republic that’s only a few hours away.

We did a weekend trip to Brno back in March 2019 and explored a bunch of places downtown and around the city. It’s the perfect little getaway for a few days. It’s super easy to get from Prague to Brno and there are multiple different types of public transport you can take.

Things to do in Brno:

  • Check out the old town square
  • Visit the fruit and flower markets
  • Have a bite to eat at the Buchek food truck downtown
  • Brno has underground labyrinths…
  • You have to visit Vycep Na Stojaka for a delicious beer

#6 Weekend trip to Poland’s culture capital Krakow

Stunning photo of Krakow!
Photo by Eva Darron

Distance/time from Prague: 530 km and 7 hours away
Best way to get there: We recommend going by train
Price: Roughly $15 / 321 CZK each way
Where to stay: Yellow Peaked Shoe Apartment

We recommend going to Krakow by train because it’s so relaxing sitting on a train reading a book and enjoying the countryside. But, if you can score a cheap flight ticket then maybe it’s better to fly because it will save you time especially if you only have a few days.

If you plan on going to Krakow we recommend doing this trip on a long weekend as well, since it takes 7 hours to get there and Krakow has so much to see and do. If you go out partying one of the nights, the weekend will go by too quickly. Take an extra day off from work if you can and spend a few extra nights in Krakow. 😉

The food, culture, and party scenes are fantastic in Krakow. It may give off Prague vibes but it has its own style to it. The architecture is beautiful, the perogies are delicious, and the city just screams to be photographed.

Bring some walking shoes and explore all the beautiful streets, shops, and historic monuments for a few days while trying all the delicious local food that you won’t get back in Prague.

Things to do in Krakow:

  • Explore Wawel Castle
  • Find the salt mines
  • Check out the Jewish quarter
  • Walk through the Schindlers List passage
  • Enjoy the sunset from Kopiec Krakusa

#7 Weekend trip to Cesky Raj near Prague

Gorgeous Czech Castle.

Distance/time from Prague: 100 km and 2 hours away
Best way to get there: We recommend going by bus
Price: Roughly $7 / 300CZK each way
Where to stay: EA Hostel Hruba Hostel (private rooms available)

Cesky Raj is one of our favourite outdoor paradises in the Czech Republic. And it is only an hour and a half away from Prague. If you’re looking for some mountain biking, exploring, and hiking then you have to spend a weekend in Cesky Raj.

It’s one of the best outdoor places for climbing, hiking, and biking in all of the Czech Republic. In case you want something else to do there are a few amazing castles and ruins to explore there too.

On top of all that, the EA Hostel we recommend is actually in a castle that overlooks a lot of Cesky Raj. What a way to make the best of a fun weekend in Cesky Raj.

Things to do in Cesky Raj:

  • Visit Hruba Skala Castle
  • Enjoy some nice wine and beer in the countryside
  • Explore all the great walking trails
  • Check out the ruins from Vranov Castle
  • Go biking on the bike trails
  • Enjoy the peace and quiet in Cesky Raj

#8 Weekend trip to the city of Berlin

Jo exploring the city of Berlin.

Distance/time from Prague: 350 km and 4.5 hours away
Best way to get there: We recommend going by bus
Price: Roughly $18-27 / 380-600 CZK each way
Where to stay: New Hostel Berlin Mitte

How do you even begin to describe Berlin? If you’re looking to have FUN for a weekend with some friends or just want to go experience something new (and old) then head to the city of fun in Germany.

Berlin is just one of those cities you have to visit at least one time in your life. The city has completely evolved from its past and transformed into this absolute hotspot for young people to visit.

We do recommend trying to find a hostel like the one we mentioned above to stay at. Berlin is really expensive because it is such a popular place to visit. Try to book this weekend trip in advance if you can in order to save some money.

You’ll definitely make some memories in Berlin that you will never forget. Enjoy the hipster vibe and delicious coffee that you can’t find anywhere else in the world.

Things to do in Berlin:

  • Get your dance on at SO 36
  • Eat as many döners as you possibly can
  • Explore the Neun Market
  • Check out the East Side Gallery
  • So many museums to visit
  • Klunkerkranich rooftop bar
  • Endless hippy coffee shops to indulge in

#9 Weekend trip to Bohemian Switzerland (in Czech)

Bohemian Switzerland in the Czech Republic.
Photo by Toby Elliott

Distance/time from Prague: 150 km and 2 hours away
Best way to get there: We recommend taking a train
Price: Roughly 10$ / 200CZK each way
Where to stay: Apartment Under the Castle

This is another one of those nature lover paradises. Don’t get confused by the name, Bohemian Switzerland is in fact in the Czech Republic. We recommend taking a train to the town of Decin which is right next to the national park. 

In this national park, you will be surrounded by sandstone mountains with a ton of awesome hiking trails and lookout points. There are so many beautiful views along the hikes and it’s just a fantastic place to go and relax for a weekend away from Prague. 

Decin is also a cute little town that you can explore. So have the option to go and explore the national park during the day and then come back into town for some yummy Czech food in the evening. 

Things to do in Bohemian Switzerland:

• Hike up to Pravcicka Gate
• Explore the sandstone mountains all around you
• Take a boat down the river
• Go on a scenic train ride around the mountain
• Visit Decin Castle.
• Eat some local food in Decin’s old town

#10 Weekend trip from Prague to Dresden, Germany

A beautiful photo of Dresden in Germany.
Photo by Tobias

Distance/time from Prague: 150 km and 2 hours away
Best way to get there: We recommend taking a bus
Price: Roughly $13-15 / 270-321 CZK each way
Where to stay: Goldener Reiter

Dresden is another city outside of the Czech Republic that is not too far away. Dresden is known for having some incredible Christmas markets, so this may be a good weekend trip to do during the winter.

Dresden was heavily damaged during WW2 but has been restored over the years. So there is tons of history but also new and modern shops and cafes around the city to explore.

If there’s one thing you need to remember before visiting Dresden is the name, Kunsthofpassage. It’s this fascinating building that you have to see with your own two eyes.

Enjoy all the history, museum, and WW2 memorabilia around Dresden. Germany was obviously a big part of it and you can see how it left its mark on the city of Dresden! You get the combination of old and new and it makes for a very interesting city to visit.

Things to do in Dresden:

  • Check out Kunsthofpassage on a rainy day
  • Looking for a panoramic view then go to the Parometer
  • Enjoy the Dresden Cathedral
  • Visit the biggest porcelain museum in the world
  • Semperoper is a gorgeous opera house
  • Take the Schwebebahn cable-car for cool views

#11 Weekend trip to Plzen (or Pilsen)

Pilsner Urquell Brewery in Pilsen.

Distance/time from Prague: 100 km and 1 hour away
Best way to get there: We recommend taking the bus
Price: Roughly $5 / 98-108 CZK each way
Where to stay: Cozy studio downtown

That name sounds familiar, doesn’t it? You got it right, the city is named after the delicious beer you’ve been drinking for years. Or actually, the beer is named after the city! The original Pilsner Urquell brewery is right in town and absolutely worth visiting.

Besides the beer, you can eat arguably the best pizza in the world at Pizzeria Da Pietro right downtown Pilsen. You have to try it before you have a say because it truly is absolutely delicious!  

So if you want to learn, taste, and surround yourself with beer then Plzen is your go-to city in the Czech Republic. There are beer spas, beer tours, brewery crawls, and of course pub crawls! So get ready for a wild one in the beer capital of the world!

Things to do in Plzen:

  • Visit the second largest synagogue in Europe – Moorish
  • Eat a delicious pizza downtown – Da Pietro 
  • Visit the original Pilsner Urquell Brewery
  • People watch at Cafe Regner
  • Beer spa? Why not!
  • Learn about Plzen’s history being a frontier town during WW2.

Recap of all the best weekend trips from Prague

So there you have it! Some of the most awesome weekend trips from Prague. Some are right here in the Czech Republic and a few are in neighbouring countries only a train, bus, or plane ride away.

For each trip, we mentioned the best and most affordable way to get there using Omio since they compare and find the cheapest way to get to each destination. 

We also included accommodation that is central so you don’t need to rent a car or anything. All the places are where public transport and your two feet can reach. In case they are booked we recommend checking for other great options. 

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Well, enjoy these trips and let us know in the comments which ones you end up doing and which are your favourites!

Have fun!

Dom & Jo
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