Are you looking for an adventurous day trip from Prague? Teplice Rocks is an adventures paradise. With amazing climbing, hiking, and the pure enjoyment of being outdoors In stunning nature. Basically how most Czech’s live their lives.

Thankfully Czech Republic’s public transport is fantastic and you can visit almost everywhere in the Czech by Train. Even though Teplice Rocks is quite far from Prague it’s still doable by train and we’ll share with you exactly how to enjoy this day trip.

Teplice Rocks National Park is an amazing place to visit in Czechia during summer or winter.

For the past few weeks we’ve done a lot of research on things to do in and around Prague.

With a little help from Pinterest and Dom’s English students (that’s how we found the best beer bar in Prague, (Počernický Pivovar) we’ve quickly created a loooong bucket list for The Czech Republic.

We can tell you this: There is A LOT to see and explore. Needless to say that, we’re now super motivated to get up and get out there and show you everything you have to see while you’re here!

So, instead of letting the cold stop us, we have decided to embrace it, starting with a day trip to Teplice Rocks National Park / Adršpach!

One more thing checked off our Czech Republic bucket list ✓. It looks like a winter wonderland but it’s even more beautiful in summer.

Make sure you visit the beautiful Teplice Rocks Czech Republic if you're in this part of the world.

Teplice Rocks National Park

Adršpach-Teplice Rocks is a national park 180 km (110 miles) outside Prague and it’s located just next to the Czech-Polish border. It’s a 17 square kilometer park with loads of beautiful nature, great views, and well… big rocks!

What to do

Now, we recommend that you do the tour loop (blue loop). This loop is mostly a flat walk that will take you all the way through the park where you’ll be passing attractions like Střmen and the Cathedral.

While walking through the giant rock formations you’ll see a bunch of signs. These signs indicate names of rock formations and were created by the first hikers in this area back in the 19th century.

All these signs aim to name what the rock formations look like – some make sense (like the big shorts), and some are wayyy off. But try to use your imagination and it can be quite entertaining!

One of our favorite day trips from Prague is Teplice Rocks National Park

There are also other routes to go. We did a part of the blue one and then transitioned into the yellow one, and we can’t really recommend it (at least not in the winter). It is quite long, steep, and didn’t really bring any good views with it. So stick to the blue loop or get lost in Narnia!

Who to bring

We wouldn’t recommend taking the whole expat community with you, but if you and a few friends are up for some nostalgia of Narnia you should definitely make a day trip out of it. Especially since it’s an easy day trip from Prague and not to far for most people. Ideally a car works best but trains are still manageable.

If you like heights and great views there is a long and steep staircase you can walk up (if you dare) and get a 360 view over the national park. Pretty cool if you ask Dom, pretty f-ing scary if you ask Jo.

Anyways, this staircase would most likely be a little crowded if you went with a big group of friends, and if you want to keep a pace we recommend going with your 3-4 best hiking buddies. This way you can see as much of the park as possible. It’s not a steep or hard walk at all so you can even bring your kids or your grandma!

Another beauty of the park is that (like we mentioned earlier) there are multiple routes to go. So, if you’re looking for a nature walk with some great insta views you can easily stick to the loop track, but if you’re up for something more difficult you can weave your way through the maze of rocks and caves and get lost for an afternoon.

What to bring on a day trip from Prague

  • Here’s a great hiking guide of things you could need!
  • Proper shoes, BUT if you’re going in winter bring some hiking shoes or you’ll look like Bambi on ice for a good portion of the trek.
  • A camera (this is a must if you want to commemorate this magical place).
  • Snacks and water.
  • Money (cash is a good idea. Correction* you’re in Czech Republic, cash is necessary).
  • Charger and/or power bank.
  • A book or some music for entertainment on the train rides since it’s a bit of a journey.
Teplice Rocks looks like Narnia.

When to go

You can go whenever, but it’s probably easier to do it in the warmer seasons as walking in snow was quite challenging. But hey, if you’re courageous and have proper shoes (or don’t care about falling) then go for it! Oh, and remember the staircase we mentioned before? That’s one reason why we would say going in the summer months is better.

As much as we enjoyed the views, we almost pooped ourselves going down. The whole Nike runners, wind, steep and icy stairs isn’t for the faint hearted. But when it’s all said and done, sometimes trips you’re not 100% prepared for can turn into great memories.

How to get there

There are a few ways to get to Teplice Rocks. The cheapest way is definitely by train from Prague. Depending on your location and time of departure you end up going with 3-5 different trains. This takes roughly 3 hours and some walking.

We highly recommend you use Omio to book your tickets. Put Prague to Adrspach in, select round-trip and then select the dates you’re traveling.

Prague to Adrspach

And, if you’re not one to wake up at 6am and ride a train for 3+ hours don’t worry: You can definitely rent a car and make your trip about an hour shorter.

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Teplice rocks is a fun day trip from Prague.

Other useful info

  • There’s an entrance fee for the park. But hey, for 60 CZK (30 if you’re a student) you get a folder (wheuu) and the opportunity to walk in this beautiful area.
  • There is a free toilet facility as soon as you pass the ticket booth.
  • Go to the cafe, Na kus řeči, in the town after and order a beer and a soup. It’s super delicious and super budget friendly. The beer only costs us 17 CZK and the soup was only 35 CZK and it was SO good that we ordered two portions each. The perfect way to end your adventurous day trip from Prague.

Feel free to share your pictures and other recommendations for this place if you go – we’d love to see and hear them!

Have fun!

Dom & Jo
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Teplice Rocks National Park is an amazing place to visit in Czechia during summer or winter.
Teplice Rocks National Park covered in snow in January.

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