Laying in bed a Saturday afternoon in one of the most beautiful cities in the world; Prague, I felt like Jo and I weren’t taking advantage of how fortunate we truly were to be living in the beer capital of the world. I kept thinking of what fun things I could do near me.

Pocernicky Pivovar is one of the best beer bars in Prague.

We made a goal to find a spot away from all the tourists that we could share with those of you who want to explore and get a true feel for the culture of this city. And what better way is there than drinking liquid gold at Počernický brewery.

So, if you don’t know what to do on a rainy day in Prague or if you just want to get away from all the tourists, then going to the brewery, Počernický Pivovar, is an absolute must!

You can’t spell Czech without beer, pubs, breweries, and Pilsner.

Czech Republic, is known as the beer capital of the world. Therefore, it only seems fitting to visit a local brewery while you’re here.

Počernický Brewery is located just on the outskirts of Prague and is a wonderful little getaway from the busy life in the capital. Just like Czech beer, this brewery has been around forever. The brewery originated in 1562 and has ever since filled a lot of local tummies with the refreshing taste of good beer (including ours, yummm).

Here’s the Best Beer Bar in Prague – PočernickÝ Brewery

If you're in Prague you need to visit Počernický brewery! Here's why...

Walking by you probably wouldn’t bat an eye as the brewery looks like your typical Eastern European building. It looks like a typical small town pub on the outside, but once you walk through those doors you’ll get the feel of a trendy and well-refined beer bar that could easily be found tucked away in Brooklyn.

This Czech brewery has a cool look to it with well preserved brick walls, big wooden tables, and shiny, bronze beer taps. The staff is friendly, the beer is good, and the guys will get a good chuckle when they take a visit to the restroom 😉

Who to bring to the Beer Bar

Počernický Brewery is a perfect place to go on a date or to celebrate a special occasion with a group of friends, heck even for a work function it’d be a great place to go. People tend to loosen up and be themselves after a few Czech beers! 😉

You can also go on a tour around the brewery to see how this heavenly beverage is made. Or you can simply just enjoy a refreshing beer and a delicious meal at our favourite beer bar in Prague!

If you go with a group of friends, and if you are interested in learning about the history and the process of making great beer, you can get a discounted tour around the brewery in English. Just remember to book it in advance. You will definitely avoid crowds and it will be a much more authentic experience rather than being somewhere in Old Town Square.

If you're in Prague you need to visit Počernický brewery! Here's why...

What to order

When it comes to beer, personally the summer ale did the trick for us, but to all you IPA lovers: don’t worry, they got a little something special for you as well.

There isn’t the broadest variation of Czech beer, but they definitely got the essentials, and the staff is more than willing to help you find the right beer for your tastebuds. Ask to sample a few before you pick which one suits you best!

A delicious meal at one of the best beer pubs in Prague

When it comes to food on the other hand, they stick with their Czech roots but they add the visual experience of something you’d see in a trendy restaurant in Melbourne.

We tried the Počernická krůtí klobása which is a spicy sausage with bread and mustard and the Počernický burger z krůtího (photo above) masa which was a tender turkey-meat burger with pickles, roasted peanuts, and french fries. The portions were a little small but so so good.

When to go

We went on a rainy day, but seriously, if you’re looking for a relaxing afternoon and interested in trying some new beers then get on the bus and go go gooo. The Brewery is open every day, and you can honestly go whenever. I mean, when is it not a good time to drink a beer while you’re in Prague?

With a beautiful park less than a minute away it’s a perfect way to spend a sunny Saturday, but the best time to go would definitely be on a rainy day when every single coffee shop and bar in the city centre is crowded and you want to escape that crazy feel.

One of the best brewery's in Prague.

How to get there

It is fairly easy to get to the brewery with public transportation and only takes around 40 minutes depending on where in the city you are. There are multiple buses that go there, but to make it easier for yourself we’d recommend you that you use DPP’s journey planner.

Get off at the stop called Dolní Počernice, and then walk a few hundred meters back to where the bus came from, turn right and cross the road under a tunnel. From here you can follow the road all the way until you see the brewery on your right-hand side, or you can walk through the park which will lead you right to the backside of the brewery.

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Other useful info

  • The place takes card but if you want to leave a tip, you should bring some cash.
  • Not all of the staff members speak English.
  • The food costs ranged between 100-300 czk which is $4.5-13.
  • The beer prices ranged from 45 czk ($2) and up.

Enjoy your rainy day at the best Beer Bar in Prague, and let us know what you think!

Have fun!

Dom & Jo
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Pocernicky Pivovar is one of the best beer bars in Prague.

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