Some say Brno is the most vibrant city in the Czech Republic and home to some of the best cafes and bars in the country. Over the past few years, this city has been booming as international students and tech workers are moving here to call Brno their home. Because of that, this city has a fun taste of youth with a hip and vibrant energy.

Most people make Brno a one-day stop on their way to Bratislava, Prague, or Vienna. If you get to Brno early in the morning and have one day in Brno you can honestly see so much. The historic center is very walkable and all places in this post are just a short walk from each other.

In this post, you will find a full itinerary with all of the things we recommend you see in Brno if you only have one day here. It might seem like there are a LOT of options but if you follow the plan, you can see it all. But, of course, you can tweak the itinerary as you like so it fits your personal preferences! 

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Exploring and spending one day in Brno

A full day in Brno is enough to see some of the highlights, gems, and must-dos while exploring Czech Republic’s second-biggest city. However, if you have more time, we really suggest you spend at least two days in Brno!

To make it easy, we’ll start the guide with breakfast and coffee and then finish with the best places to check out in the evening. For each part of the day, we have two recommendations so you pick which option you like the best and customize your own itinerary.

Hopefully, after one day you’ll get a good taste of the city and come back for more. Brno is really special and we can’t believe more tourists who visit the Czech Republic don’t know about it.

Breakfast in Brno

As we mentioned before, Brno has an amazing coffee culture! There are so many amazing cafes in Brno that it’s hard to pick which one to go to. Two of our favourites, though, are Café Placzek and Café Podnebi so we suggest you visit one of the two for breakfast!

Café Placzek in downtown Brno

Cafe Placzek is located right in the center of Brno and is a great place if you’re looking for a delicious brunch spot in the heart of the city. The nice thing about Placzek is even though it’s a popular breakfast spot there’s always room because the cafe is quite big. 

Avocado toast, English breakfast, and delicious coffee are just a few of the things you can get at Placzek! It’s a modern cafe in the city that has everything you need for breakfast and brunch. 

Café Podnebi

Cafe Podnebi translates to Cafe Under the Clouds and is one of the beloved breakfast spots among locals in Brno. The cafe is located at the foot of Spilberk Park and is one of the nicest locations in Brno just outside the city center (but still very walkable).

At Cafe Podnebi you can get typical English and Czech breakfasts! There’s a good chance you’ll be surrounded by Czech speakers because it is a very local cafe and breakfast spot which means it’s good 😉 

If you’re looking for something a little more local with a true taste of Brno, this is a good spot to try out!

After breakfast activity in Brno 

Brno’s Astronomical Clock

Once you’ve enjoyed a yummy breakfast at one of Brno’s local cafes, it’s time to explore the city a bit. If you’re done eating before 10:30 am, you can make your way to Brno’s Astronomical Clock at the Freedom Square.

If you’ve been to Prague before don’t get your hopes up because this Astronomical clock looks nothing like the famous one in Prague. The one in Brno actually resembles a big black bullet. 

But at 11 am every single morning, the Astronomical Clock in Brno spits out a surprise marble for one lucky winner. Maybe if you’re there early enough you will have a chance to win but don’t get your hopes up because there are usually the same few locals who stand there every day collecting the glass marbles! 

At the end of the day, even though you probably won’t win the marble, it’s an interesting event to witness and it’s very much connected to the bells ringing at 11 am instead of at 12 pm! You’ll learn more about this if you visit Petr and Pavel’s Cathedral.

Note: This activity can only be done BEFORE 11 am

Hike up to the top of the Old Town Hall in Brno

After checking out the Astronomical Clock, you can head over to the Old Town Hall located in the center of Brno next to the Vegetable Market Square. The Old Town Hall is an iconic monument that now also serves as a viewpoint to overlook the city. 

The top of the tower isn’t that high up but if you’re afraid of heights and old buildings the staircase to the viewpoint may not be something you want to conquer!

But if you love viewpoints and like overlooking cities then the view from the top of the Old Town Hall is worth it. The top of the tower is 63m above the city ground and has a nice panoramic view of the city where you can see the Vegetable Market, the Petr and Pavel Cathedral, and the rest of Brno! 

Fun fact: Brno was named as the European Capital of Christmas 2024!

Hike up to Petr and Pavel’s Cathedral 

Petr and Pavel’s Cathedral in Brno

If you want something a bit more historic then Petr and Pavel’s Cathedral is worth a visit. It’s a bit of an uphill walk to get to the Cathedral but it’s located just a short walk from the Old Town of Brno so it’s not too hard to get to.

A fun fact about the cathedral is that the bells ring at 11 am instead of at noon. It’s quite an interesting story that goes back to 1645 when the Swedish army was in Brno during the 30 Years’ War. The people of Brno basically tricked the Swedes by ringing the bell an hour early and Brno succeeded against them. You can learn more about the story here and at the cathedral.

Lunch in Brno

Bistro Bastardo 

Bistro Bastardo is a yummy Mexican bistro that makes delicious tacos and burritos. It’s yummy, fast, and in the center of the city so it’s the perfect place if you want to get a quick bite to eat before exploring more of Brno!

It’s definitely not the quality of Mexican food you’ll get in Mexico or the US but for the Czech Republic, it is really yummy! Bistro Bastardo is a great quick and affordable lunch spot to check out in Brno. If you’re unsure what to order, the chicken burrito is really good!

Note that there are two locations for Bistro Bastardo. The easiest one for you to go to is the one by Freedom Square (Nám. Svobody 92/21, 602 00 Brno-střed).


Forky’s Brno

We had Forky’s during our first visit to Brno to realize there’s a Forky’s in Prague as well! This delicious Czech vegetarian restaurant chain is a must-visit if you like veggie and vegan food! 

Forky’s has a wide variety of plant-based burgers, super bowls, wraps, and a few new items they always introduce to the menu!

On top of the delicious food, Forky’s in Brno is located in one of the coolest parts of town. You have St Jakub’s Church right outside and surrounding the church are a bunch of cool pubs, shops, and other restaurants in Brno

Actually, Forky’s is located inside one of the most beautiful buildings in Brno and once you step inside you’ll see how stunning it really is with the chandeliers, and spiral staircase, which really gives it an old-school theatre feel.  

After lunch activity in Brno 

Hike up to Spilberk Park

Watching the sunset from Spilberk Park

There are plenty of awesome views in Brno but some of the best views are from Spilberk Park! If you’re feeling up for it you can hike up to Spilberk Castle and walk outside the castle grounds that overlook all of Brno and the neighbouring villages. 

Spilberk Park is right outside of the historic center of Brno so after lunch you can walk across the downtown and the park is right on the edge of the center. 

From there you can basically find any trail and slowly start making your way up the hill and toward the castle. The park is beautiful and there are quite a few viewpoints so there are great opportunities for breaks and pictures. 

If you’re feeling a nice cold Czech beer you can stop at Babinsky Bistro inside the castle grounds. There’s something really cool about enjoying a nice cold beer by Spilberk Castle!

Visit Nuclear Shelter 10-Z

Once you’ve taken in the views from Spilberk Castle, one of the most unique experience’s in Brno lies at the bottom of Spilberk Park; the 10-Z Nuclear Bunker! 

Not so long ago (during the Second World War) the 10-Z bunker was used as an air-raid shelter for protection from American and Soviet bombs.

Thankfully, the shelter was never used for its intended purpose and now it actually serves as a place for tourists to explore and visit! 

If you’re feeling extra daring you can even stay the night inside the 10-Z bunker in the 10-Z Brno Bunker Hostel

If you just want to get a taste of it you can either go on a guided tour or do a self-guided tour of the bunker and learn a little bit about the wars and how they affected Brno!

One thing we recommend if you come during the busy season (May through September) is to buy your entrance ticket beforehand. You can purchase a ticket for the 10-Z bunker here so you can skip the line at the entrance. A skip-the-line ticket costs $7.5 and the regular entrance fee is $6.5, so for $1 extra we think it’s worth it.

Afternoon Coffee in Brno

Monogram Espresso Bar

There’s nothing like an afternoon coffee stop, especially in a city that thrives on it. Brno is definitely the coffee Mecca of the Czech Republic with cafes and espresso bars on every corner! 

Monogram is a tiny little espresso bar in the center of the city and it has some of the best coffee in Brno (said by multiple locals – and us)!

You don’t need to spend long there but it’s a cozy little place to just enjoy a coffee and even chat with the baristas if you want. It’s small but there’s usually always an empty spot or else on a sunny day, you can take your coffee outside and sit in the Vegetable Square and enjoy the lively market. 

Yummy Lamy 

Everyone wants a different coffee vibe so for your afternoon coffee in Brno we don’t want to limit you. That’s why we have two very different cafes to choose from on this list! 

This second cafe isn’t directly in the center but is still within walking distance from the 10-Z bunker and Spilberk Park. Yummy Lamy is probably the funkiest cafe in town and if you like themed places, Yummy Lamy is going to put a smile on your face. 

This whole cafe is based on llamas! From the coffee to the donuts there’s going to be a hint of something llama themed inside everything you have at Yummy Lamy. 

We find that sometimes at themed restaurants, cafes, and bars the appearance is the primary reason for visiting but at Yummy Lamy the food and coffee is also really good! 

So if you’re looking for something a bit more unique and different this is the place to visit. Surprisingly not many tourists visit it because they don’t know about it. Maybe because it’s not right in the city center of Brno but if you have a chance to go, it’s worth it! 

Check out the Light Fountain in Brno

After coffee, we recommend another free attraction in Brno and it’s walking to the Light Fountain right next to the National Theater in Brno.

It’s not a long stop but it’s such a unique fountain that every time the water comes down from the fountain it shows sometimes different. Sometimes it shows the time or the weather or something completely unique to that day. 

We don’t want to give it all away but it’s something worth seeing while you’re in Brno! The Light Fountain is inside a nice park in the center of Brno so you can walk around the park afterwards! 

Dinner in Brno 

Restaurace Jakpby 

Of course, we’re going to start by recommending Czech food first! Hopefully, you like it or want to try it. 

Restaurace Jakoby is right next to St Jakub’s Church, so basically right next to Forky’s if you end up going there for lunch. 

Restaurace Jakoby has a bunch of different traditional Czech meals (Svickova, Goulash, roast duck). We love Czech food so it’s hard to tell you which meal to go for but hopefully, you’ll be happy with whatever you get. 

Even though Brno is more wine-centred, the beer at Restaurace Jakoby is very good and goes well with lots of Czech meals. If you want a proper Czech culinary experience while you’re in Brno try this place out.

Jean Paul’s Bistro

You can never go wrong with Italian food, can you? Of course, when you’re visiting Brno you might want to try Czech food but we always like to have an extra recommendation if Czech food isn’t your thing. 

Jean Paul’s Bistro is right in the center of Brno and home to delicious food and tasty wine. You know when the spaghetti is prepared in a wheel of parmesan that it’s going to be tasty! 😉 

This isn’t anything fancy as it is a bistro but it’s a great place to get a little taste of Italy in the heart of Brno! 

Evening Drinks in Brno 

The Bar That Doesn’t Exist

The Bar That Doesn’t Exist bundles everything you think of the nightlife and vibe of Brno into one New York-styled cocktail bar! It’s a place you go to try amazing drinks recommended by the bartenders. 

It feels fancy because of its New York vibe but it still has the calmness of Brno. The Bar That Doesn’t Exist (or as it’s called in Czech: “Bar, který neexistuje”) is a must-visit if you only have one day in Brno. They have a wide variety of bottles from floor to ceiling which allows them to make the craziest drinks! 

There’s always a story to be told at The Bar That Doesn’t Exist so every experience and visit is going to be slightly different and unique. It really isn’t just another bar but a true highlight of Brno and what Brno is all about!  

Super Panda Circus 

The name says it all about this bar in Brno. Super Panda Circus is a bar where nothing makes sense and you’ll walk out of it at the end of the night not knowing what happened. 

You’ll get lost in stories, games, and amazing drinks at Super Panda Circus. It doesn’t even make sense for us to try and describe this bar because it probably won’t even make sense. 

All we’re going to say is you can’t make reservations and it does get busy busy but try your luck and walk in and experience it for yourself!

It’s hands down one of the coolest experiences you’ll have in Brno and there’s a reason it’s one of the most famous bars in the Czech Republic. 

Where to stay in Brno 

If you end up staying the night in Brno before heading to your next destination we have a few recommendations that are in the city center.

These are also all located within walking distance of the train station where most trips out of Brno start!

10-Z Bunker (Budget)

Price: Roughly $25/night including breakfast
Spilberk Park
Where to book: Hostelworld

Why not stay in the 10-Z Bunker?! We talked about it earlier in this post and it’s a great budget option as it’s one of the cheapest accommodations in Brno. For $25/night, you can get a shared hostel room including breakfast.

On top of that, you get the unique experience of staying inside one of Brno’s iconic attractions. The 10-Z Bunker is perfect if you’re alone and looking for something cheap or with a group of friends just looking for somewhere to crash for the night.

Internesto Brno (Mid-range)

PC: Internesto

Price: Roughly $40/night including breakfast
Location: City center
Where to book:

Internersto is perfectly located in the heart of Brno close to absolutely everything. It’s great if you need a place to call home for a night or two. Internesto Brno is something between a private hostel and a hotel which means you have a private room/apartment but still a community. 

The breakfast is also a really good value for an extra $7. If you’re looking for something budget to mid-range that’s clean and centrally located with a friendly staff, Internesto is the place to stay. 

Barceló Brno Palace (high-end)

PC: Barceló Brno Palace

Price: Roughly $125/night including breakfast
City center
Where to book:

The Barcelo Brno Palace is hands down one of the most beautiful hotels in Brno. It is also very centrally located so that’s where the price comes from! Sometimes they have some pretty good last-minute deals though, so you can keep an eye out for that! 

If you want to splurge and enjoy one of Brno’s best hotels for a night then give the Barcelo Brno Palace a go! It’s basically within walking distance from everything we’ve mentioned in this post. 

At the end of the day, whichever of the three accommodations you end up staying at you’ll never be that far of a walk from everything since Brno’s historical center isn’t that big!

Atlantis Hotel and Wellness in Brno

Price: Roughly $100/night including breakfast + wellness facility
On the outskirts of Brno by the reservoir
Where to book:

One of the best hotel and wellness facilities in Brno is Hotel Atlantis. Located right on the outskirts of town is this hotel. It’s in a peaceful little countryside right on the edge of Brno.

During the day you can experience the vibe of Brno and then you can wind down the day inside a sauna or hot tub at Atlantis’s wellness facility.

We had an amazing time there for the two days we stayed at Hotel Atlantis. The wellness facility has a wide variety of pools and saunas to keep you busy during your stay.

There are also other treatments like massages to truly make your wellness weekend in Brno perfect.

For the price and what you get Hotel Atlantis is an awesome place to stay if you’re planning a trip to Brno for a night or two!

Read our hotel review about Atlantis Hotel here.

Other related questions about Brno

Why is Brno famous? 

In recent years Brno has become famous for its gastronomy, coffee scene, and quirky bars.

Thanks to an amazing student scene (and lots of money coming into Brno because of the huge tech boom), Brno is really making a name for itself in the Czech Republic! 

Is Brno worth visiting? 

Yes, Brno is absolutely worth visiting! If you love good food, good energy, and yummy coffee then Brno is worth visiting.

You add all that together plus some interesting historic buildings and museums + some great local markets, and you got yourself a great place to visit for a few days.

What language is spoken in Brno?

The native language of Brno and the Czech Republic is Czech. You can however easily get around without speaking Czech since the majority of the younger population is able to speak English fluently.

Since Brno is an international student and tech-heavy city you will find that English is spoken all around the city – but Czech is the native language. 

Is Brno cheaper than Prague?

For the longest time, Brno has been cheaper than Prague but now when you compare things like renting an apartment, groceries, restaurants, cafes, and bars you could say that Brno and Prague are basically the same prices.

Since Prague is a much bigger city in the Czech Republic, you will find cheaper options but also more expensive options. When comparing prices in general though the cities are basically on par now. 

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Recap of one day in Brno

It’s a jammed packed day but you’re in Brno and you have to make the most of your one day in the city!

Like we’ve said multiple times though the city ain’t that big so you should have a chance to visit most and if not all the recommendations we put on this list! 

Brno is quirky, fun, and full of good vibes! Enjoy some yummy coffee from Monogram Espresso Bar while searching for the astronomical clock.

Have fun exploring the 10-Z Bunker and finding The Bar That Doesn’t Exist!

If you have any questions about spending a day in Brno or anything else related to the Czech Republic, feel free to DM us on Instagram or leave a comment below. Enjoy your time in this awesome city!

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