If you’re looking for the ultimate relaxing vacation in Madeira, you might want to consider staying at one of the amazing all-inclusive hotels on the island!

When it comes to all-inclusive hotels in Madeira, it’s quality over quantity. Despite the popularity of the island, Madeira actually doesn’t have that many all-inclusive resorts. But the ones that exist are top-notch!

Madeira is a nature lover’s paradise with stunning mountains and walking trails but one thing it doesn’t have is the miles and miles of coastal beaches.

That might be one of the few reasons there aren’t many all-inclusive hotels on the island.

But what Madeira may lack in golden sand beaches it makes up for with incredible nature, delicious food, and heart-warming, welcoming people.

The few all-inclusive resorts and hotels that there are in Madeira are absolutely fantastic! In this post, you’ll see why.

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4 Beautiful All-Inclusives in Madeira

All of these all-inclusive hotels in Madeira are located in different parts of the island. And each of the hotels have something unique to offer. 

One of them is in Funchal, the capital of and biggest city on Madeira, and the others are slightly further away located on different parts of the island. 

Whichever one you end up going with, we’re sure you’ll have the best time. Madeira itself is an unreal place to explore and visit.

When you’re searching for some outdoor adventures, you have the whole island waiting to be explored, and when you’re looking for some downtime, you have a great hotel to relax at.

#1 Calheta Beach All-Inclusive Savoy Signature

💰 Price: $$ (€144-324 a night)
📍 Location: Calheta (50 minutes from the airport)
⭐️ Hotel Rating: 4 stars
🗣️ User Rating: 8.7
🌿 Sustainability? N/A
👉🏼 Check out Calheta Beach Hotel’s prices & availability here

When it comes to the best hotel locations in Madeira, Calheta is at the top of the list!

This stunning hotel has everything you need to enjoy a nice peaceful and relaxing holiday in Madeira. It’s actually where we went to celebrate our 6-year anniversary in 2022!

The beauty of staying at Calheta Beach Resort (also known as the Fine Sand All-Inclusive Resort) is that there are still lots of day trips and hikes you can plan from the hotel.

You’re actually much closer to some of the famous hikes such as Levada 25 Fontes, Levada do Alecrim, and Garganta Funda Waterfall

If you’re looking to mix in some time at the resort and also want to get out and do some hiking and see some waterfalls in Madeira then this resort is perfect.

You might get lucky and even score a huge discount.

During the off-season (and sometimes the shoulder season as well) you can find some good deals at the Calheta Beach Resort!

What makes Calheta Beach All-Inclusive unique?

Calheta Beach is one of the most famous all-inclusive hotels in Madeira with its ocean and mountain views.

To the south, you have the Atlantic Ocean and to the north, you have beautiful Madeiran mountains. 

To top it all off there’s a beautiful public beach right behind the resort that is easy to access and fun to visit.

Since there aren’t many golden sand beaches in Madeira it’s quite special to have one this close to the hotel.

Book your stay at Calheta Beach All-Inclusive here

#2 Dom Pedro Madeira All Inclusive

💰 Price: $ (€70-180 a night)
📍 Location: Machico (10 minutes from the airport)
⭐️ Hotel Rating: 4 stars
🗣️ User Rating:
🌿 Sustainability? N/A
👉🏼 Check out Hotel Dom Pedro’s prices & availability here

Don Pedro Madeira is an all-inclusive in the city of Machico which is potentially one of the coolest places on the island.

Machico is located on the east side of Madeira not too far from Madeira Airport. You’ll get some planes flying nearby as they land or take off from the airport and it’s super cool to watch.

The resort itself is stunning and right next to one of the only sandy beaches on the island.

So if you want to dip in the Atlantic after a nice breakfast buffet it’s not far away. 

Dom Pedro Madeira is also close to some of our favourite hiking spots on the island.

You can relax by the pool in the morning and then head up to Vereda do Larano or the Boca do Risco Coastal trail in the afternoon.

To top it all off, you’re in a quiet part of the island but you’re still only 30 minutes away from the capital, Funchal, if you want to go there for a day trip.

You’re never really far from anywhere in Madeira since the island is so small. That also means that you’re within an hour from almost every levada walk and waterfall in Madeira.

What makes Dom Pedro Madeira All-Inclusive unique?

Dom Pedro Resort is located in the famous Bay of Machico next to one of the most beautiful beaches in Madeira.

A fun fact about Machico is that it has one of the only two golden sand beaches you can find on the island. 

With incredible views overlooking the Atlantic Ocean and an awesome saltwater pool on site, you won’t find many places like this in Madeira. 

To top it all off it has a great breakfast buffet and the option to turn your stay into an all-inclusive!

Book your stay at Don Pedro All-Inclusive here

#3 Vila Galé Santa Cruz All Inclusive

💰 Price: $$ (€114-215 a night)
📍 Location: Santa Cruz (5 minutes from the airport)
⭐️ Hotel Rating: 4 stars
🗣️ User Rating: 8.2
🌿 Sustainability? Travel Sustainable Level 1 (Green Key)
👉🏼 Check out Vila Gale Hotel’s prices & availability here

Hotel Vila Gale in Santa Cruz has everything you need when it comes to an all-inclusive resort in Madeira.

There is an indoor and outdoor gym including a fitness facility and a spa and wellness center if you’re looking to treat yourself!

Everything you need to have a relaxing few days or week in Madeira is right here at Vila Galé Santa Cruz. 

You can almost walk to your hotel from the airport since Madeira Airport is located in Santa Cruz. It’s only a short 5-minute drive from the airport to the resort!

Staying in Santa Cruz you got Funchal to the west and Machico to the east. You also have both levada walks and a few waterfalls nearby. 

If you want to stay out of the big cities and have a proper all-inclusive stay at one of Madeira’s top resorts this is the place. 

The outdoor area with the pool, sun chairs, palm trees, and views of the Atlantic is almost impossible to leave once you get there. Can’t beat it!

What makes Vila Gale Santa Cruz, Madeira All-Inclusive unique?

This lovely all-inclusive hotel in Madeira has one of the best indoor and outdoor pools on the island.

With a stunning view overlooking the ocean, you don’t have to go far to get some amazing views in Santa Cruz.

Book your stay at Vila Gale Santa Cruz All-Inclusive here

#4 Pestana All-Inclusive Ocean & Spa Resort

💰 Price: $$ (€203-303 a night)
📍 Location: Sao Martinho, Funchal (25 minutes from the airport)
⭐️ Hotel Rating: 5 stars
🗣️ User Rating: 7.9
🌿 Sustainability? Travel Sustainable Level 2
👉🏼 Check out Pestana Ocean & Spa Resort’s prices & availability here

This is the one and only all-inclusive Madeira resort in Funchal that we mention.

The Pestana Ocean & Spa Resort is located a bit outside of the Old Town Funchal in the area called Sao Martinho right by the Praia Formosa beach.

Sao Martinho is very up-and-coming area with a bunch of delicious cafes and restaurants when you want to get out of the resort and explore around.

There might be no need for it though since Pestana All Inclusive Ocean & Spa Resort has everything you’ll need to enjoy a nice relaxing vacation.

The food is delicious, the pools have an unreal view and all the other amenities are there for you to explore. 

When you feel like getting out of the resort to see the island, there are plenty of things to do in Funchal.

You can also go explore the mountains of Madeira or go on one of the many guided tours around the island!

This hotel is perfect if you’re looking for a fun couples’ getaway in Madeira!

What makes Pestana Ocean & Spa Resort unique?

Pestana Ocean is a 5-star all-inclusive islands located right in Sao Martinho, Funchal. The resort area is one of the most beautiful on the island!

From mini golf to enjoying a nice drink by the pool you’ll never want to leave Pestana Resort!

Book your stay at Pestana Ocean & Spa Resort here

Other related questions about all-inclusive resorts in Madeira

How much is an all-inclusive holiday in Madeira?

The price fo an all-inclusive holiday in Madeira can vary slightly. The main factor is the time of year you come…

For example, a hotel that costs €2050 all-inclusive for two people during peak season can cost €1200 during slow season. 

The majority of the all-inclusive hotels are roughly the same price but sometimes at Calheta Beach Savoy, you can get some good last-minute or off-season deals!

What does an all-inclusive package in Madeira look like?

For most all-inclusive packages to Madeira the flight, transfer, and hotel are all included.

The hotel will most likely offer breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Oftentimes drinks will be included as well – alcoholic as well as non-alcoholic.

Each all-inclusive trip will vary depending on which company and hotel you go with but what is mentioned above is pretty standard.

This way you have everything packaged together under one price and it makes it a lot simpler to budget for your trip.

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Recap 4 of the Best All-Inclusive Hotels in Madeira

There ya have it! 4 awesome hotels/resorts to stay at in Madeira all on different parts of the island. 

We hope you get a chance to stay at one of these awesome resorts and take in the beauty of Madeira. 

The resorts or the cherry on top but there’s so much to see on the island while you’re there! 

Feel free to reach out and DM us on Instagram @redwhiteadventures or leave a comment below with any questions you may have about these hotels or Madeira in general. 

We’re more than happy to answer anything related to the island. It’s one of our favourite places on this earth for a reason!

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