North Moravia, also known as the Moravian-Silesian region, is one of the more beautiful areas of the Czech Republic.

From big city life and beer spas to fun ski resorts and beautiful fairytale towns, North Moravia is an area of the country worth a visit!

The capital city, Ostrava, is a vibrant city known for one of the best music festivals in the country (Colours of Ostrava), cool mining history, a beautiful art gallery, and some pretty awesome coffee shops!

The small towns near Ostrava are definitely not to be missed either. You’ll find the famous spa town of Karlova Studanka which has some of the cleanest air in Europe and spring water with healing powers.

In North Moravia, you also have the quaint town of Stramberk which looks like it’s taken straight out of a fairytale. They also have a folklore about their famous cookies, the Stramberk Ears.

If you like more quaint and peaceful areas with lots of history, then you will fall in love with the North Moravian charm, people, culture, and nature. 

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3 beautiful places to visit in North Moravia

The Czech Republic is divided into two areas: Bohemia and Moravia. To the west you have Bohemia and to the east you have Moravia. These areas are further divided into 13 different regions.

In this post, we look at a region inside of Moravia known as North Moravia or the Moravian-Silesian region of Czech.

From one of the most unique cafes in the Czech Republic to a village that’s known to have some of the cleanest air in central Europe, North Moravia has it all! 

In this post, we’ve highlighted 3 different locations around the region that we love. Hopefully, you get a chance to visit them all!

Quaint town of Stramberk in North Moravia

Beautiful photo of Stramberk Castle.

Stramberk is a small town in the Moravian-Silesian region with a population of roughly 3500 people. 

The town center of Stramberk is beautifully preserved and probably the most iconic area of the town with the Church of St. John of Nepomuk standing tall at the end of the town square.

However, that’s not the only thing to see in Stramberk. This small fairytale town is actually famous for a specific type of cookie that originates from this little town: The Stramberk Ears!

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Cute little coffee shop & bakery in Stramberk

Dom with the famous Stramberk Ear cookies in front of Cukrarna U Hezounu.

The Stramberk Ears are little rolled-up cookies that most Czech people have tried.

The Stramberk Ears instantly makes you think of Christmas because of their cinnamon taste. They’re delicious – especially when they’re freshly baked.

If you stop by this cute little coffee shop called Cukrarna U Hezounu you can learn about the history of the Stramberk Ears and their origin. You might even meet the owner whose family started the bakery!

It’s such a unique experience and if you like Christmas cookies and cinnamon you have to try the cookies while you’re there!

That exact brand can also be found at Lidl around the country in case you’re craving more 😉

Hike up to Bila Hora near Stramberk

Bila Hora (White Mountain in English) is a short local hike that you can get to from Stramberk. The trail takes you to an awesome viewpoint above the city!

There is even a little lookout tower you can hike up to and get an even better view overlooking Stramberk.

One of the highlights of this small town is actually the beautiful countryside around the village. 

There are plenty of rolling hills, beautiful greenery, and forests in the area so the nature around Stramberk is incredible – especially during summer and fall.

You can actually hike to Bila Hora right from Cukrarna U Hezounu and then back to the center of Stramberk. The hike and lookout tower can be all done in around an hour!

You can see the trail map for Bila Hora here!

Beer spa with an awesome view in Stramberk

Yes, you heard that right! There’s an awesome hotel called The Stramberk Spa Hotel (we recommend staying there) where you can enjoy an awesome beer spa.

Beer spas are quite common in the Czech Republic. Prague has a few awesome beer spas but this one here in Stramberk is quite unique! 

The hotel is located right in the center of town and the spa room is in the basement. The quality of the spa (and the unlimited tap beer) is great with a really cool vibe and you feel so relaxed after.

Once you finish in the beer spa you get to spend an hour relaxing in the quiet room. I’ll be honest I loved the beer spa but the quiet room was the highlight. 

The view from the quiet room is one of the best views ever!

We may have gotten lucky since we sat there as the sun was setting and there was a rainbow 🌈.

Hopefully, you get just as lucky when you experience the best of Stramberk!

👉🏼 Check out the Stramberk Spa Hotel here 👈🏼

Enjoy the view from Stramberk Castle Tower

View from the top of Stramberk castle overlooking the town of Stramberk.

Lastly, if you still have enough time in this beautiful town, the last thing we recommend doing in Stramberk is to walk around the castle and visit the Castle Tower. 

If you’ve already gone to the top of the Bila Hora viewpoint you may not have the need to go up the castle tower but at least take in the views from down below.

You get a complete panoramic view of the surrounding countryside and it’s so beautiful.

We didn’t know what to expect from the North Moravian countryside but we were pleasantly surprised! 

Final thoughts on Stramberk 

Beautiful colourful buildings in Stramberk!

Stramberk is a small, quaint town and it’s the perfect place to spend at least one night while you’re exploring the Moravian-Silesian region of the Czech Republic. 

You can spend a night at The Stramberk Spa Hotel while exploring all the beautiful places in the town. 

Even just walking around the town square in the evening is so pretty because of the street lamps. They’re not your ordinary street lamps and they just add so much character to the town it’s unbelievable! 

If you need more information on this town you can read this post on spending a full day in Stramberk

Industrial city of Ostrava in North Moravia

Ostrava is the third largest city in the Czech Republic and also the capital city of the Moravian-Silesian region.

Ostrava has always been known as an industrial city thanks to its coal mining history. It was actually known as the steel heart of Czechoslovakia back in the day. (The Czech Republic became its own country in 1993).

Now, thanks to the industrial history, architecture, and design, Ostrava has a really cool feel to it and you can find some pretty awesome and fun places to visit as you explore the city.

Ostrava is full of hidden gems, awesome cafes, beautiful viewpoints, and cool landmarks that are worth checking out.

It’s a great city to visit in Northern Moravia and a great place to stay for a few days! 

Check out the Bell Tower Cafe Overlooking Ostrava

Steel factory in downtown Ostrava.

The Bell Tower Cafe is one of many awesome cafes in Ostrava that’s worth checking out.

What makes this specific cafe unique though is the fact that it’s located 80 meters above ground (hopefully you’re not scared of heights). 

It’s not located in the city center but instead in Dolni Vitkovice which is the old industrial part of town. This is also where they have the famous music festival, Colours of Ostrava.

You’d assume the place would feel completely desolate with all the rust and antique equipment but the areas have been very well preserved and actually looks super cool!

It sort of feels like a movie set for Mad Max or something. The view from Bell Tower Cafe is awesome and totally worth checking out while you’re in Ostrava. 

The prices are slightly more expensive up here than in the city center but it is a unique place so it’s worth it in our opinion.

You will need to book a ticket in advance to get up to the cafe. The Bell Tower Cafe tickets can be purchased online here.

The ticket gives you an hour of panoramic views overlooking Ostrava, Dolni Vitkovice, and the surrounding countryside around Ostrava.

Explore The Gallery of Fine Arts in Ostrava

Dom exploring the inside of the Fine Arts Gallery in Ostrava.

In between cafes and restaurants, The Gallery of Fine Arts in Ostrava is a great place to go explore. There are both permanent exhibitions and also some pop-up exhibitions which you can see here

You can easily spend an hour inside the art gallery exploring all the different rooms and art pieces!

Art doesn’t speak to us in the same way it does to other people but we still had fun walking through the different rooms and seeing the different pieces of art.

If you’re interested in art, stop by the art gallery and see what types of exhibitions they have going on.

They should have at least one English-speaking guide who will love to share some information and answer any questions you may have.

Hike up mound Ema

Mound Ema, also known as the Garbage Volcano in Ostrava, is one of the most unique things you can experience in Ostrava. 

Right on the edge of town is this mini mountain that you can hike up. It isn’t too hard of a ‘hike’ and it offers some pretty cool views of Ostrava.

We ‘hiked’ up Ema for sunset and it was stunning!

The experience of hiking up is cool but the significance or story behind Mound Ema is probably the best part. 

Back in the day when the mining industry was booming and things were going strong in Ostrava mining debris was always dumped in this area of the city. 

Since it was on the outskirts of Ostrava it was an easy place to dump all the excess stuff that came out of the mines. Over time it created this garbage volcano that is now known as Mound Ema! 

We’re not exactly sure of the science behind but because of the chemical reactions that still take place underneath all the ground it seriously looks like Mound Ema is smoking. 

Because of the ‘smoke’, it’s now known as the Garbage Volcano in Ostrava.

We told a few Czech local friends about it and they all laughed at us so we’re not sure if they call it the same thing in Czech but we found the name to be quite fitting! 

Mound Ema is an absolute must if you’re looking for something unique and outdoorsy to do in Ostrava!

Final thoughts on Ostrava 

Panoramic view overlooking Ostrava.

There are so many more things to do in Ostrava as it’s the capital of the Moravian-Silesian region (and the 3rd largest city in the Czech Republic).

One of the best things we can recommend is to just walk around the city and explore all the beautiful streets. There are so many cool coffee shops, restaurants, and shops to check out.

The Steel Heart of the Czech Republic got its own charm and the industrial vibe in Ostrava is real!

If you’re looking for the best place to stay in Ostrava, we recommend staying at the Imperial Hotel. It’s located right in the city center and close to absolutely everything.

Ostrava is a very walkable city and easy to get everywhere on foot! 

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Breathe in the cleanest air in Karlova Studanka

Views of the downtown of Karlova Studanka.

When we think about off-the-beaten-path places to visit in the Czech Republic, Karlova Studanka is one of the first ones that comes to mind.

Karlova Studanka is a small spa town with only 500 inhabitants located northwest of Ostrava close to the Jesinik Mountains.

Since it’s located in the Moravian-Silesian part of the country it’s a lot less touristy than the areas near Prague.

There also isn’t much information in English about this town which means that the town isn’t that well-known internationally.

That makes this another hidden gem in the Czech Republic.

However, this town is actually known nationally as having some of the cleanest air in Central Europe.

It is the perfect place to go if you’re looking for a social detox and want to get away from the cities and be surrounded by beautiful nature. 

From waterfalls to beautiful spas and awesome outdoor walks, this little town right next to the Polish border is a true Czech gem.

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Walk the Bila Opava Trail

The Bila Opava Trail is a peaceful and relaxing walk in the forest. The trail takes you out of Karlova Studanka and into the beautiful nature and forests that surround this area. 

You’ll get a chance to see a waterfall, cross some wooden bridges, and walk parallel to a beautiful little river (probably more of a creek).

It’s a great way to get out in nature and truly take in the fresh air they famously talk about here in Karlova Studanka. 

There’s nothing better than getting outside and taking in all the sounds of nature – from the birds chirping to the wind blowing in the treetops to the water flowing down the stream. 

We went on a wet and rainy day so the trail was quite muddy and wet but it was still an awesome experience!

You can find out all the information about the Bila Opava Trail here.

Enjoy a relaxing coffee at Cafe Karlova Studanka

Photo of the famous Spa Villa Vlasta in Karlova Studanka

While you’re in a peaceful and relaxing town what better thing to do than relax and take in the peace and serenity of the location?

One thing we can recommend is stopping by Cafe Karlova Studanka for a coffee and even a little cake after your trip out in nature!  

The nice thing about Cafe Karlova Studanka is that it’s located right on the main road so it’s both easy to find and get to.

You can walk there right from the Bila Opava Trail and after you’ve had your coffee you can go to one of the spas in Karlova Studanka!

Relax at one of the spas in Karlova Studanka

There are a few wonderful spa hotels in Karlova Studanka where you can hang out, relax, and enjoy the spas! 

Horské Lázně is an awesome example of a beautiful hotel in town where you can go and enjoy all of their amenities.

What we recommend doing though is driving a little out of town and staying at Kopriva Spa Hotel. The hotel has everything you need for a relaxing afternoon from outdoor pools to steam rooms.

Staying at a spa hotel in Karlova Studanka is the cherry on top during your weekend trip from Prague or wherever you’re exploring the best of the Moravian-Silesian region from!

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Try the famous spring water of Karlova Studanka

Jo filling up the healing water in Karlova Studanka.

One of the last things we want to mention about Karlova Studanka is the famous spring water right in town.

At the Pitny Pavilion right on the main street, you’ll see locals and tourists filling up jugs of water.

Apparently, the water comes from Petr’s Spring at a depth of 121 m and is supposed to have plenty of health benefits.

The smell might be a little overwhelming at first but you definitely have to try out the water. It’s almost a little fizzy which is kind of fun.

The health benefits outweigh the smell of the water!

Final thoughts on Karlova Studanka

One of the many waterfalls in Karlova Studanka.

Karlova Studanka is probably one of the most peaceful and relaxed places to visit in the Czech Republic. 

So if you want to relax and be immersed in nature with awesome hiking trails, spas, and fresh air then this is the perfect place to spend a weekend. 

Soak up at the spa at the Kopriva Spa Hotel and enjoy the beautiful nature and you have the perfect little getaway you could ask for.

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Recap of 3 awesome places to visit in North Moravia

From the city life in Ostrava to the unique town of Stramberk to one of the most peaceful places in Northern Moravia there are some amazing places to visit in this corner of the Czech Republic. 

We hope you enjoy the Moravia-Silesian region of the Czech Republic and get to visit all the different spots we recommend. 

All three of these places are completely unique which is why we added them all to this list.

Enjoy a beer spa in Stramberk, walk the Bila Opava Trail in Karlova Studanka, and finish it all off with city life in Ostrava

If you have any questions about North Moravia or the Czech Republic in general feel free to DM us on Instagram or leave a comment below! 

You can also explore Severni Morava’s website and Instagram for more information on the region! #northmoravia

And for more general information about the Czech Republic, you can check out our blog posts here and Visit Czechia’s Instagram here. #visitczechia #visitcz

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